Lord of the land


In the hectic lands of 'Hectasy',
Lived hectic people and hectic cattle
And of hectically love,
Their hearts turned brittle.
And in all these hectic times
They still did find time to haggle

In the midst of them lived a landlord,
The most hedonistic human who ever lived;
Seeking pleasure in the lizard's walk,
In the empty balloon and in cushions conceived
The dearest possession was his heirloom,
A helicopter of his forefathers which he heeled and heaved.

And Brain Stein, the Hebrew lord,
Was well-known for his heinous acts,
Like hanging his ministers when he got bored,
And killing the jesters on the ministers' failure.
His worst act was when his heir was gored,
That too just because he fell in love.

And the helical blades of the moving copter,
Said to be made before Kipling wrote Bagira
Proclaimed to older than the oldest invention
Was actually invented at the time of Hejira.
And the hefty chopper held on to time
Flying to the age of 'sir' from 'sirrah'.

The helicopter, rising from the heliport and its dust,
Slowly ascends to the heavens and higher,
And people remark- 'That's the immortal,
Which carries its riders from these hells of fire;
Unto the heavenly heavens and even beyond,'
This they say, as they chew on tobacco and desire.

When the hearty landlord did look down the way he climbed
He could see the hectares like the schoolboy's slate
The people being the commas of nature's writing,
And the heifers- the full stops- ending nature's fate,
All printed inside the bordering hedge
To such heights went the machine's grate.

Down below, folks abhorred the hegemony
And the king; who was heedless to all advice
And while hectoring a crowd at a marketplace,
He looked up and saw a flying device,
At once his heart began longing for it,
No matter the owner, no matter the price.

Hence he summoned the landlord to his palace
And asked him to sell the flying machine,
And having remembered, once, being heckled by him,
Demanded either that or him and his fields of green.
'Have it, my lord', said the lanlord bluthely,
'But it will be useless to you, and this I mean.'

Many told him against it,
In person and in meeting,
But he was of a staunch mind,
And the copter's engine was heating;
Thus, Brain Stein proved his name wrong
Refusing even the landlord's tutorial greeting.

Many gathered around him and the machine;
Waiting and wanting to watch the end of him,
Some were sending prayers; some thanksgivings,
The latter rejoicing and the former looked grim.
As the heavy machine pulled itself up
The latter looked brighter and the former grew dim.

The copter first swaggered,
And there was some gritting of teeth
But as it gained control
They got some easy breathe
But then the machine shot forward
And crashed into the vaults of tithe

It was the last moment,
Ending the reign of someone,
Who couldn't reign on the reins,
Who couldn't forgive his son,
For having a piece if the cake
For having a bite of the bun.

And him that lost his ancient gift,
Was made the king of 'Hectasy'
The landlord, now the lord of the land
Brought to end the menacy,
And alongwith the minds of people, he changed
Also the name from 'Hectasy' to 'Lethargy'.

  • Author: Quiller (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 26th, 2011 07:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is a nonsense poem that is meant only for humour... And it is filled with comic remarks and allusions... Have fun reading it!
  • Category: Humor
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  • Anna

    Lol, seriously random XD
    Made me laugh; thanks for posting!

  • SauravRHS

    No problem! 🙂

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