The road to fame,

Is not easy,

But with  hard work and a bit of luck you can get there,

You have to see my story.


One day as I was walking down the road,

I saw someone staring at me there.

And I stopped to see.

Why was he staring at me like that?


He walked up to me and said,

“You are a star my boy!”.

Come with me and work in my film,

Whose’s name is “Come on, Ahoy!!”


When I got this offer,

I was rather surprised,

I decided to go,

With him towards the uphill hike.


When I reached  the set,

He asked me to play as a beggar,

“Of course not!” I shouted,
“I’m here to become a hero with his hand a trigger!!”


“Well” the director said,

“You may go as well!,”

“The beggar will become a hero later”.

He said.


But first diamonds you will have to sell!”

I was excited.

And I accepted the role,

As I was about to start my role,

I fell into a hole!


As I tried to get out of it,

I found my bed beside me,

I just found out something special,

I was dreaming, you see!


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