Staying Up High

When life turns around in quick formations

Align your most gracious turns to be upward

Feeling the upbrupt motions setting in actions

Stir up the coolest color Kool Aid to spat

Choosing to be effective than set boredom raging

Allow common matters to be handle in a discreet way

Taunting those avenues that are waiting for special treats

Pouring out water color cooler creams for moving upward

Strike the one the hand for moral supports, today

Shake and rattle that one whom got the loose goose

Rip out of clothes into love motion on the ocean view

Strip the outer layer to reach the most intriguing parts

Scream as you go up higher in laughter or just dreaming

Scouting the one place for enjoyment in the air pressure

Start now so we can put out and put in what's needed

Enjoy me, Embrace him, Evacuate the town for fun time

Treat the affair, Trick or treat, Trust or Trip hard

Moving up, Moving down, Moving all around for us

Let's live life to the fullest granted long life hardships

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breath less for days


  • Soumita Sarkar

    sure the rise and fall metaphorically used for erotica...........can you read my poems??

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