Huzaidi Hashim

Bring back your smile

The tempest has blown over,

Dark dreams have all died down.

It’s time to turn the four leaf clover

And rid you of that frown


Your happiness is like a dove.
That soars through heavens wide
Go spread your care and love
That your heart kept deep inside


Your smile, it lights the world
A precious gift to those who care

It tells us that you’re ready

To face the world out there


Take it slow and steady

Don’t rush back to the race

Be sure you’re fit and ready

Just fall in at your own pace


Fight back your inner fears

Even though it’ll take a while

Take back those dreadful tears

Bring back that cheerful smile


  • Dolphine29

    I am sure she will, just give her love, space and time. That will ensure her own pace to find herself again. And never despair, 'cause we all see that the truth lies inside ourselves.
    Please send her a note from me, I hope she finds what she dreams and hopes above all, that she enjoys herself, for who she is, we are all precious.


  • Huzaidi Hashim

    Thank you Dolphine29. An A10 from you is certainly a compliment. Our daughter reads my poems in this site. I'm sure she will appreciate what you have written here! Thank you again from all of us here in Malaysia

  • mvvenkataraman

    Dear respected Huzaidi Hashim,

    In spite of deepest sorrow
    You have penned a beauty
    Your poem is excellent really
    Rhyme and rhythm are intact

    May God bless your dear child
    She will soon recover I now pray
    Please encourage her greatly
    Love her strongly to strengthen

    God can do miracles easily
    So approaching God is wise
    I can only appeal to the Lord
    But, prayer will bring cure.

    Yours prayerfully,


    • Huzaidi Hashim

      Thank you Mvvenkataraman for your kind words!

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