What is to change in a chapter without an end?

Stuck in a story that you're trying to defend.

What is the difference between me and him?

You might say nothing, but that's not what it seem.


I've nothing yet to achieve yet I continue to fail,

Trying so hard to survive in this cursed tale,

I've had enough and now I wanna set sail,

But how can I escape this storm of hail?


Strike me now with lightning, and burn me in Hell,

Punish me for being stupid, I deserve it well,

Don't count the times I got up, but how many times I fell,

Because my life is a story that's not worth to tell.


You say I'm a friend, but really means nothing,

So why value life if it isn't worth living?

If I could give it to someone, trust me I will!

Because I've just been wasting it on a world so unreal.


Don't you bother because I'm the one to evade,

I'll leave you be and continue to fade,

Never to be seen, just keep being afraid,

Hide for the rest of my life under a dark shade.


Will I ever get back up or should I continue to hesitate?

Will I ever find an exit or maybe it's my fate?

I know I'm a mistake, I deserve your hate,

I want to be accepted but now it's too late.

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