Dear John

I've wanted to write this letter to you
Since we were always at a distance
Your accident was no doubt tragic -
I feel numb without your existence

My brother John, my kindred blood -
I keep asking myself how?
If I wasn't so far in Lebanon,
I'd be there at your grave with you now

I know you were somewhere away from us
"Living" in such a nightmare
We asked the Lord to help you John;
"God please listen to our prayers"

I know that this is not your fault -
please know I'm not angry at you
I'm angry at the situation you were in
I keep thinking somehow, I could have helped you?

What was it that had caused you to fall -
then hit your head on the marble table?
Breaking your neck which stopped your breathing
Was it the alcohol that made you unstable???

So three ambulances showed up at your house -
to do their best for you to survive
36 minutes without oxygen to your brain
It made it harder for you to revive

Two months after your accident, John
the Docs gave us the option to agree
to take away your life support
as your injuries were too extreme

Brain damage beyond any repair
No signs of life; nor of any improvement -
nothing to show that you were "Living"
Just the reflex of your movements

Your ten siblings around the world
Were praying for what was best for you
Hoping that it was only a coma -
and by a miracle you would pull through

A hard decision which could not be made -
by the ones who loved you most;
for fear that the doctors could be wrong
That somehow they had misdiagnosed

On 3rd September; early morning
God decided that it was time;
for you to be with your fellow departed
Who were waiting on the other side

Please say hi to our brother in law, Sam;
his laughter shined like the sun
To the wonderful woman who gave us life -
please give our love to darling Mum

So for now Dear John, we will begin to grieve
In my heart you will always dwell -
for I know one day I will see you again
Until then, Dear John, farewell

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