The End


So I guess we're through,

We're left with nothing else to do,

But to go our own ways seperately,

And I guess goodbyes aren't even necessary.



Now I look for a new start,

A medicine for a broken heart,

But I don't have any clue where to go,

I don't know, maybe it's somewhere over the rainbow.



I'll just run away,

I need a better place to stay,

Maybe it's a fall from grace,

I gotta find a new place.



I'll set off on a new chase,

I gotta see a new face,

Something different is all I pray,

I need to take a holiday.



And I'm spinning like a movie in my head,

In which I've seen a thousand times,

I've learned to take it hard and fall instead,

Now I'm sitting safe on the sidelines.



But I'd still walk through a thunderstorm,

Just to see you even though I'm out here on my own;

I'm better now than I was before,

But I miss you and so, I want you to know;



When the lights go dim, I'll carry on my journey,

I gotta find myself no matter what distance,

Although it's over, I'm glad there was once "WE";

I can't guarantee the destination, but I'll take my chance;



And now, all of the wasted time,

The hours that were left behind,

The answers that I'll never find,

Yeah, they don't mean a thing tonight.


  • Author: Hope (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 28th, 2011 16:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem becuz a friend(who I used to like) and I haven't talked in quite a while(quite long) and we use to talk all the time, but recently just stopped I don't know what's gonna happen cuz neither of us is showing that we want to talk to each other..i mean my reason is I want to get over her but i don't know whats hers..
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Anna

    I can relate to your poem and your author comment because it's the same for me... But I miss her... :'(

    • broken_dreams23

      aha i would say "talk to her?" but i dont know your situation, but yeah if you've read my note our situation is difficult :S 🙁

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