The grief we share

When friends have gone, memories shall not,
be unkind as the fragrant flowers that fade,
with vast images moving hands and foot,
and sinking through into where grief reside.
Within the mind, emotions overwhelm and define,
feelings moving slowly in pitiless winding flow,
Take each drop of darkness beyond time,
to heal under rainy clouds made of sorrow.
Passing the source illusion of heart has taken,
the loved given to all; when love left alone,
in clouds of sorrow, they could not be awaken,
to see the signs of grieving until grieving is done.
Then feelings awake to cope with the pain,
having patiently waited for the release day,
when joy resonates hope will come resolute again,
and the grief we share floats in the clouds away.
Like bloody swords tearing the heart open,
and leaving bitter scares of inescapable reality,
to numb the existence of human feelings,
with vulnerability of grief in our society.

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