rajat mahaych

 Did I make you cry?
Or disturbed your life?
May be this is wrong
Still I beg for a try.
Baby, look I still the same,
Same is my name.
Why don’t you see my tears?
Do these make you cheer?
Please don’t leave me,
Stay with me I'll not fear.
Why are you leaving?
Why are you going away?
Why it’s turning dark in the day?
Did you listen me now?
OR ignored to what I say?
It’s all for one thing.
See that’s our love's rig.
Look into my eyes,
You'll find that I'm lucky to get you
Now don’t push me back.
I can’t fight with you,
I only know that I love you,
Our love has been lost,
Who’s turning like a ghost?
My mind is thinking of you.
Where have you buried your thoughts?
Say just one last chance I need
It’s my life but you have to lead.
It was just one day before,
Everything was so true and sure,
When you kissed me on my forehead.
But now what has happened?
Its all seems to be dead.
I apologize for the things I've done,
Why don’t you come around, its just nonsense.
Come, shit with me, see the moon is shining.
Like those days when we were not fighting.
But now the atmosphere is so panic,
You always keep shouting,
And I lose counting,
How many times we were together?
Why don’t you stay forever?
Look in to my heart.
Its still beating for you.
No matter you love me or not,
But I'll make you smile that’s true.
Why did you leave my hand?
Why did you not understand?
Is it called love or something?
That I cant pretend?



  • Author: michael rex (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 11th, 2012 04:11
  • Category: Unclassified
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