End of Days and a Filthy Generation!

We no longer know what is right and wrong
Not knowing we take things that don't belong
we become vile, wicked crooks
That seek the truth that lies in a book
We run the polluted racket streets
Don't seem to realize, we are controlled by a sly black mist
There is no more trust
There is no more us
There is no more socialize
There is no more visualize
There is no more share
There is no more care
There is no more prosperity
There is no more smiles nor cheers and laughter
Groans, weeps and wailing everyday and after
There is no more security
There is no more identity
But there is vanity
There is no value nor worth
Not on the planet earth
All this I tell you is all what I've seen
This is no movie scene
Hope to all is dying down
Who could ever turn this around?
The days we had everything
We took it for as nothing
This generation is wicked in so many ways
There will be judgment in the up coming days
There are mourning, Wailing and pain
There are drunkards, bastards going insane
There is more horrid days to come
For now Death is our best friend to some
Dreams, goals, victory, success, have all been lost
To a generation who knows no cause
The thick black smoke in the air
Gives no mercy, and will not spare
For now and many days more, death is what you desire the most
This scene shows the Messiah is Coming close
With the golden trumpet that a sound
He will enter this world on top of a cloud
And with him a host of Angels
All surrounded from every corner and angle
he calls his people and they swiftly come
But I'm afraid, the faith have died, so he's left with some
It's astonishing and it angers me how some are still stubborn and hold onto their wicked ways
why? Why? Why? There is no more hope, no more future not in these days!
But no, thief's and robbers will stay the same
Mockers, condemners, and scoffers will just die in vein
Many hide, many run
There is no second chance there done!
This I tell you is no movie scene
I'm writing down what I've seen!
The days of darkness move in fast
But leave slow and end with destruction
it all started with the anti Christ election
The streets are dead
It's lifeless, deserted, up in spoke and it is well said
Imagine this my reader
I prophesy and this is what to come
Poverty, starvation left with a few scaps of crumbs
This I'm afraid will not change
BUT! YOU! however can change
And it can easily be arrange
No I'm serious
I'm talking to you personally
I've written All this down purposely
Not for you to have fun
And be done
Im trying to hand you a message
If you wanted time of your work, go have some beverage
But no, Desire you to read this
With a bliss!
Now where were we
Let me see
Okay your change can be arranged
All you need to do is seek and find the truth
And it will set you free
I promise, you'll see
Thank you!
Now please share me!
God bless

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