My shoes are old and worn now
But once they were young and formidable
The things they have seen and the places they have visited
Are the envy of fluffy white slippers everywhere

My shoes have trekked through the heavenly peaks of the Andes
And through the bitterly cold streams of Alaska
They have struggled through tough forest trails in Chile
And have rested by a fireside in a Mexican desert

They have wandered the vast emptiness of lonely moorlands
And have scampered across subtle sands in the south
They have climbed up hundreds of stairs to hundreds of temples
As well as pounding the pavements through many sleepless cities at night

They have trampled train tracks in Holland
And rode the bullet train calmly through Kyoto
They have witnessed a purple sunrise from a balcony in New York
And struggled through the symbolic snow in Tibet

But soon their biggest journey will begin
As they make their way towards the big campfire in the sky
Where they can finally rest their weary soles
For the rest of time.....


  • Dolphine29

    I like it, I could see them and myself walking through all these places.
    Thank you for the ride!!

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