Once I saw a snail,

It was going up my pail,

It was looking pale,

I took it and named it Dale.


It had a small little head,

With a grumpy little face,

The speed at which he goes,

I don’t think he can win any race.


No speed was its motto,

Its speed was super-fail,

It was so slow that I could take its “running” photo,

My superhero Dale.


Now, I have many pets with me,

But, I still remember him,
The superhero Dale,

Who looked rather slim


But one night,
When I went to his room,

He was gone,

And he was not to be found soon.

I looked for him everywhere,

In the desk, inside his favourite mushroom he used to eat.

But he was nowhere to be found,

He had “run away” on his feet.

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