PAR Mortis Living

Blank face staring between the mass; Inside his private misery.

All alone, unknown, inhale your solitude; Exhale eternity.

Revel in mendacious immortality; You faceless empty shell.

Soon, in your own self-deceit; The wane of life excels!


Crippled emotions, mental disarray; Indefinite capitivity.

Collapse under paranoia's burden; Madness infinity.

Deceiver, you will lose everyone; Family, friends – Disappear.

Forsaken, screaming; Who am I – Why am I here?


Hidden in yourself - obsessed; Ignore all lust and joy.

Wander aimlessly – unconscious; May you maim, may you destroy.

Ice-cold, senseless skin; Pale and stiff, like machinery.

Existence – The murk in which you swell; Eternal Purgatory!


Frozen persona, encrypted in your very mind.

Unavoidable truth lies open; Close your eyes, forever blind.

Face deleted entity; You are your own lie.

PAR Mortis living - Will you live before you die?


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