Mpho Leteng

On the way

We heard cracking feeble voices in the silent distance!

a terrible fright had us in it's grasp,

feeling of a call of an undetermined destiny imperceptible by the ear

and her nose bleeding told much!

 i clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding nose.


 i had my head dead set against waving farewell

to the coins she threw off her hands

"a heavy purse makes a light heart"she said

 stung within i couldn't stop gazing secretly at her,

 had a quite bit to say...but i couldn't


when the sun submerged into the pregnant clouds,

darkness covered our quaking hearts

we began to race against time

dust wrapped our bodies like a clothes


she wore an insistent look upon her face,

 a look of being embattled with sad states of affairs!

 she was quite for a while re-thinking dead days

 to drown her sorrows


she had a gold ring on her right

 she wisphered in tounges words i couldn't understand!

she was married!

she wore a cross ,this cross is someone she did not know neither have they met

in fear and trembling i took shot steps backwards

 i fell from bed.....

it was a dream!

it was a dream!


  • lezyl legaspi

    it was nice. i'm not really that professional poet but i like your poem.

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