When I went out to my favourite place

After a long time,

In the vicinity of my neighbourhood,
I found a little rabbit,

Lying in a pile of hay,

Which was neatly stacked up?

After the crops had been harvested

While one area was still green

The other area had hay,

Which distinctly was yellow?

And what a contrast

It made to the settings of the neighbourhood!!!

I went to pick it up,

The poor little rabbit,

On seeing me, it tried to run away

Or play hide and seek with me

And at times tried to dance away,

I still managed to,

Catch hold of the rabbit and give it a very hug.

Now that it was comfortable with me,

I decided to take it home and give it shelter

On reaching my home,

I showed the lovely furred rabbit to my mother

Who on seeing it empathized with it

And ordered me to place it in the same place.

But, with no signs of my going forward,

She ordered me to make a cozy bed for it.

The little rabbit,

Now being used to various members of my family

Started feeling one with another.

It snuggled in my little bag

And juggled here and there.

And looked happy despite being relocated

One day it looked a little bit sad,

I felt it was yearning to go back to meet his friends,

I pondered as to how would I react when someone does this to me?

But as I woke up,

I saw my father sitting beside me,

Asking me the same question

Which I had asked myself?

Do such things exits?

I pondered over a while

While I was lost in thoughts,

My father was staring at me!

As if giving me orders,

To relocate the rabbit.

I gently felt his tap on my shoulders

I looked at him and almost in speechless form

Asked him “What am I to do now?”

He gently took me away

And reminded me of an incident in which

I was forced to be separated for a fortnight.

I immediately recalled the horrible experience.

Now that I had decided,

I immediately got readied

Took the rabbit in the basket,

Which had all the comforts on the earth?

Except for the Mother’s love.

Now that I had enough of it,

I placed the rabbit in the bundle of hay

Alongside its mother,

The first thing it did

Was to rush towards its mother

And hug it

And rub its parts on its mother’s

The mother gently played with it

It was a happy union.

I had learnt my lesson.

Not to separate the little ones from their mothers.

And since then, I only enjoy seeing it

But never venture to carry one.

I had learnt my lesson.

I had learnt my lesson,

The hard way


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