Huzaidi Hashim

Brave Hearts Awaken!

The rays of hope broke the dawn
Brave hearts awoke rallying to squash
Disgruntlement, oppression and nepotism
The meek have arisen to fore and roar

Our innocence have been stolen.
Our eyes have turned red.
Our hearts are breaking.
How we wished we were dead.

They seem to have no feeling.
As though blood has left their palm
We never thought they’d betray us
They’d be foolish to cause harm.

But don't worry about us
Our wounds will soon heal in time.
Our gashes will fade eventually 
Just leaving a scar behind.

We will never know why they did this
But maybe that's not meant to be.
Maybe all of this pain is for a reason
Maybe it’s supposed to be testing me.

Making me stronger, making me smarter.
Teaching me to have a brave heart.
Preparing me for harder battles
So when we face them we won't fall apart.

Hitting on our heads but not our minds
And push us down with legs apart
Making us all jump back up again
and find space for a fresh new start!

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