Someone Else's

Someone Else’s

How can something so wrong feel so right,

longing for someone else's seem so light?

Love every single minute spent with her

always expecting when a date will recur.

You know you're treading on a risky path

that's not wise when you work the math;

Yet keep going because it feels so good

that you don't keep the limits you should.


Happily listens and says every right word

sweeter than anything you've ever heard

Smart, brave, chatty and literally cute,

eat very little, saves a lot and very astute.

Is hanging out with somebody's girl a crime?

because I want to see her smiles all the time

She has really proven to be a friend indeed

I'm beginning to like her, I must to concede


Truthfully, not the picture I had in mind

but now, that picture is almost put behind.

Getting attracted to her day in and day out

and can't really tell what all this is about.

Nice, small and firm, lips I so want to kiss

when the chance comes, I would not miss.

Hold her tight in my arms and not let go;

We’re just friends now, will we keep is so?

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