The countdown of love racing notions

The hallucinations of love outpouring status up and above

The countdown of morals verses immortality today

The outsourcing of greater joys reasonings with sour lemons

The common nation to succeed for all tormented lovers

Rundown of quiet yet crazily storming places today's adventures

Writing about trouble teenagers with trouble everywhere

Singing about the joy unspeakable in God's love nestling

Choosing the common grounds for doubling the effects

Pushing out the pressure for that which is total chaos

Living for God pretty much sums it all up to do

Chewing your food slowly and at peaceful measures

Checking out the good lookings, good cookings or good makings

Just enjoy where you're at in this life or get out of town for other fun things

Seek out your own salvation with trembling of fear for self seeking

Trust that you are on the right path with the right people to strive with

Smile while you are at it, Smile when tested, Smile when you are confessing

Love yourself, love your life, love who you have become for you to be

Testing the waters for good measures, for good things or job well done

Take good care of yourself, your own reasonings, your own way of doing things

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