I am not a prefect person

rajat mahaych


I’m not a person,

So many times I have made mistakes,

I know I have hurt you,

And don’t know the truth or fake

I think I should tell you

What is true?

I should learn new things to continue.

As life goes on

I can’t hold this stress.

That's why I need to confess.

To you that I' the same

Still I have not changed.

Changing is the time.

Changing is the life,

Still I'm the same.

I still remember your name,

I have not forgotten those games,

And these make me go so insane.

I'm not a prefect person,

There's so many wrong things that I've done.

I hope that you understand

Things behind us have changed.

I know sometimes those

Things are misarranged.

But I'm not perfectly trained

To handle them on my own.

I need your hand.

Life is so uncertain.

I cant figure it out

Where things went wrong?

Why is this moan so loud?

Why there is feeling of being alone?

Life is full of chaos.

There's so many things that

I shouldn’t do.

But what should I do to prove?

Why I have become so numb?

There is a reason behind this all.

I got up so high

But have to fall.

I'm not a prefect person.

I never meant to hurt you.

I could not make you smile.

I know I have made you cry.

I'm sorry your life turned out this way.

But I have got nothing more to say.

That is why I am running away.

Away from your way.

You won’t see me like this any way.

All I got is just to pray.

I know what have I become now?

But I don’t know this and how?

I am not a perfect person.

Time is collapsing from my hands.

As I became too late to understand.

A destructive psycho path,

I cant escape

From Life's race.

I have to run.

From where this all have to begun.

And I can’t turn the way of sun.

And that's the reason

I have to say

I am sorry

I have lost the glory.


  • Author: michael rex (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 26th, 2012 08:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: this poem is dedicated to all those who have committed some mistakes in life, may be with in friends, parents and want to confess but dont have stamina to say.........
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