Brother Problems

I hate it when they compare me to him, They're always talking about how he is so hot. Always talking about him being the better of the TRIM's, Makes me despise that out of the two, I'm not. I have my insecurities like we all do, But my own brother can make me the most upset. The torturous thing is he doesn't know he does this to me too, He can't help that he's actually my biggest threat. People think my anger of them liking him is because because it's weird, But really I just feel that to him I am being compared. Being deemed unfit is what I've always feared, But being seen as the lesser of the two, it won't be bared. People I've liked, even loved, always saying he's so perfect, Forcing me to jut sit and listen as the drone on. It hurts my heart deeply until beyond repair it is wrecked, I just wait and hope that one day my jealous will be gone.

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