Societaayy!! Crazzaay!! (READ THIS! )

Society going crazzay!!!

Tell me whats wrong with thisss societeee
When Everywhere I look I seeee
Young girl dying to be on Tvvvvv
It won't stop till they reach their DREEEEEAAms
Diet pills, surgery
Photo shop , pictures and magazines
telling them how they should beee
It doesn't make sense to mee
Society is crazzayy
Your not skinny
So measure up to our standard of beauty
You might die, but we don't care
It's business and we are not base on being fair
Unless your a celebrity
Your health care is not our priority
Its Money and business
Joining us, you must be audacious
Must where and look good socially
It doesn't make sense to meeeee
This should not beeee
Why societeeeee??
I guess things are not how it use to bee
Everything must be payed with a price
nothing including water and beauty is freeeee :/
This is going crazzaayy!!!
Depression, low self esteem going on everydaaay!!
If you open your eeyes you see something is wrongg
This is part of my poem and "crazy by simple plan" song
Listen to it and be inspired
And let God do something through your desires
To help share how wrong society's beauty is corrupt
This should go rival in America
On the evil influencer tool "the media"

P.s be sure to listen to the song "crazy" by simple plan... Got some of the lyrics in there :) is that illegal , I hope not :/ if it is.... OH ooh :/


  • ianhm

    excellent love it love it great poem that made me want more

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