Break down Love

Read it as a Rap!

Break down Love Yo! I got to break it down to you down to society's level if I may when you say your in love, that’s not true you just found someone to get you laid don't know if you see it yet This world has corrupted your mind set your motives are wrong down to the pit Mind set off the hit its not about him or her, its about you Love...dawg, is not pleasure to self but selfless Its living righteous love, is earned by giving Though society's love is receiving "that’s my chick, my bitch, my hoe" Man! that's not how treat a women yo! dirty, deceiving, sly won't get you by Yo man! Love is valued, precious and Real Its no game and money or trading deal Change your views and be a real man A man doesn’t please his frens But does what is right And shines the light of Jesus Christ That man is not dead but has life He shall not have whores, sluts, chicks and girls But have a beautiful wife Love is not cheap, its not easy to get Its no what you call when you get a whore wet Yo man, your love is twisted Perverted, corrupted Its messed up! “but dude” No man, for now listen and shut up Listen…. Your love is lust, Your love is self pleasure Your love is insecure Your love is false, Your love is a player Your love is uncontrollable Your love is phony, Your love is dead Your love is cheap,and Hoping to get into bed Your love is chronic, filled with alcoholic Drunk you are, at a ugly bar True love is beyond afar Your love is not even love Because it ain't from the above Love is love is patient, love does not boast love is kind Love does not envy, love finds joy in righteousness This love is free and this love is mine This love is reachable through Jesuss Christ.....

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