tell me you dis-agree

Tell me that you dis-agree

As I look at his
face, slowly and surely, fantasizeing about a shallow grave

Know I am not mad,
I am not delirious, I am sad and rather inconspicuous,

For you see I am
not of the wealthy elite, I am poor and can barely afford to eat,

But with
conservative politics in power,never the twain shall meet.


Expensive cologne
and old Etonian ties to be worn, the boys are in power,

The rich rejoice
at becoming stronger, Cameron shouts we have done it boys,

We will make the
rich richer, we will make the poor poorer, can they stoop any lower,

By George they say
“We are all in it together” as my kids wonder if they will have any dinner.


Off shore
accounts, oh! And tax evation that’s the life for a tory patron,

The working class
are on there arse, the jobless total has helped surpass the torie record,

Of times gone
past, Etonian brotherhood they are all so fuckin sad, and here they are all
just as mad,

With there money,
with there land, screwing everyone, including trevor the old farmhand.


So we come to the
end, were all in it together they told us then, so tell me please I want to

Where is the job
you promised me, the recession you say, so it is not our fault you see,

There is no help
for me, it was labours fault you see and the country is not a money tree,

But what seems
really funny to me is how the fuckin bankers allways get there moneeeee.

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