till the end of time

rajat mahaych


When your world collapses

In your mind

I will be standing there

Till the end of time

When you lose your dignity

When you lose your vanity

When you are at vintage

Still you don’t find anything

You may be in dilemma

Or may be an uncanny

A situation, a state of mind

May be unbosom or unbridled

So hard to define

I will be waiting for you

Till the end of time

When you are devoid of liberty

When your vision become blur

Things turned out dirty

When you find no place to run

When you have nothing to regret

On the things you have done

When you feel alone and find

You are the only one

You are playing your role

But surrender your soul

When you feel now you are tired

When you feel you need to unwind

I will be looking for you

Till the end of time

From the heavens to the hearts

Dwelling in this empty world

You feel like killing yourself

Your feelings got disturbed

And got dissolved

You can not retain

The way of disdain

Nothing to restrain

You can not break the protocol

You are in a line

It’s all about you

It’s not mine

I will be looking for you 
till the end of the time

When you are standing in hurricane

When you cut yourself but no pain

When you tried hard to escape

But all in the vain

From the eternal sky

TO this land

From the inception of light

To the end

When you find hard to walk

When you find no one to talk

When you can not stand against iniquity

When you feel unsecured

And can not face the almighty

When you feel like being in a crime

I will be there for you

Till the end of time

Till the end of time.... 

  • Author: michael rex (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 18th, 2012 06:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: a poem to dedicate you best ones
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