House but no Home

A broken family,

a broken life.

One with father,

the other with mother.

Both lies.

I stagger through life

pulled by the strings of fate,

like someone's marionette doll.

Never able to go my way,

only where others want. 

Two paths of another's life

I must travel forever.

My own path is hazy

covered in a fog of faces.

I am trapped in a maze

that never seems to end.

Walking in circles alone.

People will never know me,

only my shadow.

I am a distant being

pulled in two directions

by two opposing forces. 

My path is split.

My being torn.

In two lives i live alone

never having a place

to call my home. 


  • mvvenkataraman

    What a lovely poem from a pained child!
    What a trauma is had by this human soul!
    Very moving account of a pathetic life
    Let those who decide to marry each other
    Never separate as that causes untold agony,
    Please plan and live to stop heart-breaks
    To a soul born out of your love or lust?


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