I clench my teeth my lips I bite

To drown the force of my Desire

I close my fists and blind my eyes

To quench the thirst of this great fire


With tired hands I wipe my brow

And shake my head, to clear my thinking

Yet, it's too late, I know that now

For want of you my Life is shrinking


I lose myself in crowded places

Hoping to see familiar faces

Knowing that it's too late, you see

For you've become, a part of me


I toss and turn alone at night

Wishing to have your presence there

And yet I know the sun again

Will fan the fire of my Despair


I've tried and tried to live without you

But it's so very hard to do

i'd rather face Hell with all its fire

Than have to face my LOSING you




  • colin

    So beautifull & sad Soki you touch my heart

    • sokibgb

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I truly appreciate it. Glad you liked it.
      Love, soki

    • bigwolf

      This poem can touch someone at such a personal level, well done.

    • sokibgb

      I cannot ask for anthing better than to touch people with my poem.
      Thank you for inspiring me. Love, soki

    • BrokenWordsPoet

      I like this poem so much I want to rewrite it. Does this site have a poetry workshop? I would like to workshop this poem with you; pointing out what I like and what I would like to change. One of the things I don't like in a poem more often is the over use of words like I, my and and. As you may see most of my poems I have posted are of my older works, poetry is evolution; I wrote poems 10, 12 and more years ago that I am changing today. Do you look at your poetry the same way? If not forget everything I just said. Though everything I said is, "I like the poem."

      Your friend... BWP... James...

      • sokibgb

        Hello BWP, Ido not know if this site has a poetry workshop. I go back and read some of my work but don't really change any because I like to see how I change over the years. This particular poem is from a long time ago and i,ve noticed the repetition of some words but the feelings I felt are still there although the circumstances have changed a lot so in this case it serves as toa reminder of a very important part of my life.I am thrilled that you like it and I would like to see how you'd changed it. Please feel free to sent it to me, I'm sure I would love it, soki

        • BrokenWordsPoet

          Soki... I love to play with poets words and I will. I am rewriting a lot of my works and my wife has told me that she likes the originals. I noticed someone made a comment on your poem I fused in on,saying they liked the original and all I can say to that is I also liked the original if I had not I would not have spent my time on it. I always respect the writers feelings. I wrote a children's book and you can imagine how I felt when a publisher asked me to change the little boy's name. I was pissed and then I changed the name; to know avail the publisher told me they are ready for publishing but just not with them.

          BWP... James...

        • diamonddagger

          beautiful love poetry! great rhyme and rhythm! sensational effect.

          • sokibgb

            Thank you diamond for your beautiful words. I am so glad you liked it.
            May the rest of the week be filled with happiness and love, soki

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