Cherry blossoms flying thru the air

Brownstones' windows glowing in the dark

Buildings swaying, yet without a care

New York, NewYork you live within my heart


Raindrops knocking on my window panes

Telling me to feel and smell the city

Memories will only bring me pain

I left my heart behind, in New York City


  • qualandar

    Thats not enough to make you love your city - without your loved ones, haunts and joints...,

    • sokibgb

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem., when you leave home you take with you, your memories and love for friends, places etc. and you leave behind you a part of your life that will never be the same again. We all know the saying You cannot go home again is true .Even when you do return Life has a way of changing things and people and your special memories come back to haunt you in little flashes like a sci fi movie, the only thing that remains the same are your memories and the love you still feel and for me, that's more than enough.Love, soki

    • colin

      I hope you return where your heart belongs oneday Soki

      • sokibgb

        Thank you Colin, what a beautiful thing to say, I hope so too

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