I dreamed I was back in the City

Just running down the street

My copper-color hair, was flying in the wind

My ribbons from my braids came loose

but I just didn't care

Ahead I saw the street lamp light and 

He was standing there


I stopped and blinked and saw his face

love-lit eyes big with a smile;

He reached out and touched my face

his tender hands on fire

He looked at me with love and said

"You have so much to give"

"I want you to be happy, can't bear to see you weep"


"Don't worry I'll be waiting

for me it won't be long"

"For where I live Time has no meaning

it feels more like a song"

I was so shocked to hear his words

I woke up from my dream

When I looked down upon my pillow

Teardrops were shining still


Now my hair's no longer copper

It turned Blonde overnight

Caused by the sorrow and despair

The illness of my life

My braids are gone, the city too

I live so far away

All that remains of long ago

Is the street lamp and his name




















  • bigwolf

    A touching poem.

  • sokibgb

    Thank you bigwolf for reading my poem and for leaving me your thoughtful comment.

  • colin

    Soki the start you touched my heart the end you broke my heart I hope oneday your heart will return to the city & the love of that man will be in your heart

    • sokibgb

      Colin, you give me the most brautiful comments! I visit the city once in a while but it's not the same . But He will always be in my heart. Thanks.

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