It flickers with a smile

And kindles with a touch

It spreads like wildfire

This wanting you so much


It sleeps with me at night

While trembling with desire

The want of you gets stronger

When the sun above gets higher


It fuels the beating of my heart

My body shakes with wonder

This wanting you tears me apart

Can't live like this much longer


It fills my eyes with tears

My heart with heavy sorrow

And yet this wanting is the Light

That Guides all my Tomorrows


  • diamonddagger

    this is very beautiful, the rhyme and rhythm are terrific and the imagery left me smiling. good job

  • sokibgb

    Thank you so very, very much for your beautiful words about my poem.
    I'm glad you liked it and think I did a goos job.

  • baj-a

    what a beautifully sensual poem! very well written and filled with so much longing and emotion. truly enjoyed this one.

    • sokibgb

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem. I am very glad you enjoyed it.

    • colin

      WOW!!Soki the power of love our emotions of love can be overwelming just like pain.

    • sokibgb

      Yes colin, I agree with you. With love you reach the heights, with pain
      you reach the profound depths.Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem.

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