Time To Play

Cold has arrived and with it snow

And oon all will be covered down below

Gentle flakes still falling down

And spreading itself upon the ground


Enjoy such beauty that has arrived

Mittens and caps all ready for outside

A snowman built and playing complete

Little children ready for their sleep


Sweet children, your day is done

Now go dream of endless fun

For tomorrow brings a new day

And so much more time to play


  • baj-a

    such a sweet poem! brought back memories of when my siblings and I would play in the snow building snow men and snow castles and sledding and... well, yeah! snow is so much fun!

  • bigwolf

    Thank you baj-a, I hope you did enjoy this.

  • sokibgb

    Here in South Florida we don't have snow, but your poem took me back to my childhood in NY and happy memories flooded my brain with a toasty warm feeling. Thank you.

    • bigwolf

      I'm glad it could bring back some happy memories, thank you for commenting.

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