Eyes Turned Around

eyes turned around

that see inside

the cavern where

we abide and there

we are blind

though, we can see all around us

but, there is nothing there

but muddy waters

and labarinths of unfocused nothing

that poke us into

dimensional phases

of realities, but

which reality is here and now and

which is history

eyes turned around

could see so much

if only we could open our eyes

Oh, what then could we be.


  • sokibgb

    Your are so right; In only we could open our eyes and see the beauty around us our world would be so different. Loved your poem.

  • baj-a

    This is so true! we either don't look inside at ourselves or don't want to see what is there, but the world would be so much better if people really looked inside themselves at what they are and tried to change what is bad and then they would look at the entire world differently. well written and expressed.

  • colin

    So beautifull Diamond it very true the beauty we would see if we open our eye's

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