The Flag Still Flies

The flag still flies red, white and blue

over a country of people who believe

in truth and justice and patriots true

who for our freedoms grieve.


We'll stand up one nation, one voice

fight to keep our freedoms strong

we believe all people have a choice

to take that away is wrong!


So we choose to keep free enterprise

not be taxed to death

a government we do dispise

we'll fight to our last breath.


You can't take away our God given rights

the Constitutions on our side

the Declaration of Independence fuels our fights

for these freedoms our fore fathers died.


We'll continue the battle loud and strong

find heroes brave and true

we'll fight for those freedoms hard and long

keep the flag flying red, white and blue.


  • diamonddagger

    I'm a patriot of the United States of America. If we stand together we hold together. Well written.

  • colin

    your a true patriot well done

  • sokibgb

    I'm with you all the way.Proud to be an American, the best country in the world.

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