Save me from my 4 sisters

I need assistance

Because of their consistance

They dismiss me from a distance

I need some resistance

Because they are mischiefs

My sisters are bitches

Im glad i dont live with the bitches

They are real witches

I should throw them in the ditches

To burn them like witches

Then bury those witches

Just kidding

I love my sisters

They are not bitches or witches

Colin Bradley


  • sokibgb

    So glad you saved yourself in the end, otherwise they would have thrown YOU in the ditches LOL

    • colin

      LOL I get to live enougher day

    • diamonddagger

      um, heh, heh, heh.......your rhyme and rhythm saved your butt on this one. Lol. You should hide from your four sisters or hide the poem. lmao!!!!

    • colin

      LOL from the voice from the grave

    • baj-a

      lmao! when i first read the title I thought it would be a sweet poem about sisters, but instead I got some chuckles and grins. good save in the end!

      • colin

        Thankyou Baj-a yes i sort of saved myself in the end

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