Chocolate and Cinnamon Buns

When it gets chilly I bundle up

with a good book and a blanket

M fuzzy slippers keep my feet warm 

And then my thoughts start to wonder


Chilly evenings bring back memories

of hot chocolate and cinnamon buns

which my Mother used to make

to keep our bodies warm


I sometimes think she was right, you see

I remember  falling asleep

Under the blanket cozy and warm

While my Mother was kissing my cheek


The chilly evenings of long ago

I cannot ever forget

As I wait in the kitchen

For my cinnamon buns to bake


Now is the time for my own children

to fall asleep, you see

Cozy and warm under their blankets

While I now kiss  their cheeks










































































  • baj-a

    brought back memories of cold winter Sunday mornings, when after church, my dad would back homemade cinnamon buns! to me the scent of baking cinnamon buns will always be the scent of love and comfort. thanks for sharing this one!

    • sokibgb

      I am so glad that I'm not the only ones who is transported back in time
      by the delicious smell of chocolate and cinnamon buns. Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem, soki

    • BrokenWordsPoet

      You make my sweet tooth wake up and I had all them pulled out; I saw this poem this morning and did not see the picture. You really like to temp people. Great tribute to the loving things remembered about your mother and how she liked to spoil you.

      BWP... James...

      • sokibgb

        Thank you very much BWP, for commenting and reading my poem and for putting a smile on my face with your words. I'm glad you liked it, soki

      • colin

        Beautifull memories Soki & new memories for your children

        • sokibgb

          Yes colin, family is everything and happy memories make bonds that cannot be broken by time.

        • bigwolf

          You have my sweet tooth and tummy looking forward to something with this poem. And here I am trying to lose a few pounds.

          • sokibgb

            Aren't we all? But they do not call it comfort food for nothing.LOL

          • Soumita Sarkar

            Yes........mother's touch talk volumes beyond our experience.........

          • sokibgb

            Yes my memories of home come alive with the smell of cinnamon buns and hot chocolate.

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