Train Tracks

As a child I remember laying in bed at night
listening to the sound of the trains
as they rolled along the track waiting...
waiting... and then yes! the whistle!

Oh how those sounds affected me
in my childish dreams I wanted
to ride the rails all day - go places
see life as I never would.

Now I am old and the trains are
pretty much gone along with
the childish dreams of seeing
life as I never would.


  • baj-a

    I used to fall asleep to the sound of trains running along the tracks and to this day find the sound peaceful and calming. A lovely remembrance poem.

  • BrokenWordsPoet

    There is a sadness in this poem. My brother in law he and his wife use to live in a house right beside the intersection of their home and the whistle could be heard all hours of the night; they are both gone now and I miss pocking fun at them asking them if they were ever making love and the train was blowing the whistle. I love your little poem, I love any poem that reminds me of a life story.

    BWP... James...

  • sokibgb

    Living in New York City the sounds of the subway trains was a constant part of my life. To this day I love that sound. It never fails to remind me of all the places I visited and all my friends and I traveled all over the city learning all the routes and stations. Thanks for sharing, soki

  • diamonddagger

    I love the sound of the train whistle also. It's such a lonely sound. I like to count cars when I'm waiting for a train. I love the graffiti on some of the cars. Great write.

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