Nature's Remains


Birds flock to my backyard

innocent and beautiful

they feed on grubs and worms

prepare to return to nests

where hungry beaks

wait crying to be fed.

In the peaceful scene

death lurks in the quiet

hides under a bush,

camouflaged in the shadows

the cat patiently waits

until one bird moves close

the cat springs


catches its prey.

The bird cries out

but only briefly

the kill is done

the cat will eat today.

Now the yard is empty

as the other birds fly

to safety and I wonder

will baby birds go hungry now

as they wait in their nest

for a mother who will never return.


  • Author: baj-a (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 9th, 2013 08:11
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • duneman

    not the prettiest poem about nature but one of the most honest ones I've read. the cycle of life continues and sometimes to us humans it can seem downright cruel. well written.

  • bigwolf

    A well written poem and all too real. Too bad cats can't just stick to mice.

  • sokibgb

    Realistic view of nature. Well done, soki

  • BrokenWordsPoet

    Bonnie... This is almost morbid to sit there and turn such a sad part of nature into a poem, I would be out rescuing little birds. I am smiling... BWP... James... We are planing on raising some Cornish Rocks to butcher this spring. Meow...

  • diamonddagger

    this is part of nature too. You wrote it very well. You thought it out and covered the act of the carnivore killing it's prey quite well, I loved it. hugs.

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