Cat Dance on the Keyboard

It's interesting and frustrating at the same time
to have a cat come dance on the keyboard
as I type away and try to put my thoughts
from my head onto the screen only to have
those thoughts disrupted, my words changed
to hieroglyphics that I cannot decipher
and yet sometimes I wonder if those
are words in their language and perhaps
an improvement upon my own.



  • baj-a

    lmao! yep! I know what you mean! those pesky cats do seem to like to add their own two cents to whatever we humans are typing. and of course if you are reading a book they have to put their fuzzy little bodies between you and it because of course you would rather be petting them than reading! fun write!

  • BrokenWordsPoet

    Duneman... I had to look close to see the kitten you're holding in your avatar. I do know how it is to have a cat that does not like poetry, at least me writing on his time. I almost gave up on caring a notepad to bed. My cat Johnny likes to come and lay down on my chest when I am writing and he is a very I am going to get my way cat.

    Nice little tribute... BWP... James...

    • duneman

      If you look even closer you will see his brother snuggle down between my side and the chair. These are two of our biggest cats now but I do enjoy this picture of when they were just new kittens in the household.

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