Bits and Pieces

I find them all the time

bits of paper

words scribbled on napkins

crumpled envelopes

that hide in the bottom of my purse,

or fall from my pocket

when I pull out my keys,

pieces of me

starts of poems

a thought that whispered

softly in my brain,

lines and words that wait

patiently to become a poem,

so I gather them up

all these bits and pieces of me

and one by one

discard them to the trash.


  • bigwolf

    good write, I tried do write down my thoughts, but they disappear before I find my pen

  • BrokenWordsPoet

    Bonnie you brought a smile to my face, you also know how to describe poet; well done... BWP... James...

  • diamonddagger

    I never throw any bit and pieces away. I hoard them like a miser and on a rainy day I find them and try to do something with them. I cherish these little insignificant pieces of tissue and envelopes like they were gold. LOL Fun write. diamond

  • colin

    Excellent poem I never write down on bits & pieces beacause I go insane later trying to turn them into poems

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