Once, A Crimson Rose

Beauty no longer in her heart

A life of misery is left to show

A vile and disgusting form of womanhood

But once, she had been beautiful

Like a sweet crimson rose


Her indigo eyes showed no remorse

And her smile was a devious plan

Setting her trap like a cunning spider

Casting webs of deceit

Her pray all being man


Seducing them with a forgiving kindness

A falsehood of happy tomorrows

Taking away their souls in countless ways

Surviving on their grief and self-annointed



  • diamonddagger

    Very well written poem, full of imagery. I liked the line "..her smile was a devious plan.." Great stuff!!!

    • bigwolf

      Thank you so much diamond

    • baj-a

      such a sad poem and so beautifully written. your words paint a vivid picture for the reader.

      • bigwolf

        I'm glad you enjoyed it

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