Words go tearing deep to hide you

Locked away into a horrible prison,

Making you feel in a state of lesser value,

And wish to change and be another person.


The abuse that you hate most can hurt,

Birth tears which becomes a river of fire,

To burn with anger how you have felt,

And gently draw your soul into fear.


Abused in the rooms sharing swollen faces

The vivid blur make tables and chair shake,

Keen to hide all the anxiety emotion traces,

Seek revenge for any convictions make.


But pride holds you a nobler prisoner in chains,

Ransom your emotions breaking out into pity,

Towards them who are controlling the pains

The intensity makes you feel life is empty.


The darkness of the night is full of intense,

Raging war of words color the extreme sounds,

Severely evoke tense and feeble defense,

The unpleasant degree of coldness groans.


From depths, profound raging goes unabated,

Crying out seemingly to forgive deeds done,

By the violent, wild and often aggravated,

You will discover more marks that are not shown.


  • baj-a

    wow! harsh realities often make the best poems. I especially love the line... Birth tears which becomes a river of fire ... that is such a powerful line.

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