Celestial Glow

Dreams came and flooded the room inside,

Took my soul in daring flight to another age,

Leaving the dangers of the world outside

And shadows came near the windows edge.


Falling to the ground without awakening sound

Terrestrial noises no one heard or felt the fear,

Carried in tears by the howling travelling wind,

That was passes in dreams cold and bare.


Standing there wet with dew of the morning air,

And dare not venture to explain the celestial thing,

Of pain already in vein will haunt the atmosphere,

And make memories come more unnerving.


But we see our spirit called into the celestial way,

Not many come as near for the light is bright,

In the heavenly place where we are going one day,

And will see the Lord and all the angels in flight.


Though our sight is poor, we will still see the light,

Circled in rainbow colors high up in celestial glow,

Above the world and the earth beneath our feet,

Break open to kindle the dreams we had long ago.


Ruptured faces and noble figures went outbound,

In haste has fled and sped to finish the better race,

While others were old and still had the good mind

Break to finalize retirement plans in a sunny place.


  • baj-a

    you poem makes aging sound like a good place to be :-). to finish the better race... I truly love that line!

  • sokibgb

    Love your poem. . soki

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