The Portcullis of Your Blessed Calender

How does the Portcullis of your blessed calendar
open one day and tell you it’s time for a change
you heard the un-oiled creak, that’s silly you say
but you know it’s true…things haven’t moved a hinge
the key is still beneath the rock
the lock is rusty now…
all from lack of use
All the things that can be done
once the rust is oiled up and the minions
like clockwork , smooth as the drink of red wine
he consumed while he waited for the rent in the space time continuum.
that rocked the castle walls , he waited for his change…
He thinks real hard, what could it be that’s marked upon his calendar


  • baj-a

    what a conundrum you present to us. how do we know and how does the calendar know and how does time know...and in the end what does it all mean anyway?

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