Writing on Walls



Picture now,

a man writing on a wall,

in a style of broken feelings,      

his manner of speaking,

to the world,

   tongue in his hand,     

tasting every word.


Is he a man or half a man

should a man

write his own feelings

  or keep them hidden inside

      his fragile body?  


Writing his words with feelings

   that move back and forth,     

from the joy of love and love lost

with tears of happy feelings,

to tears of pain and hatred of love,

he feels lost; except for the words.


Walking on that fine line,  

between love and hate,

with the birth of words   

he has fallen in love.


Then you realize, 

one is not supposed  

to be writing on walls,

it is crime frowned upon

by the world.


Then the man has walked away, 

leaving words and feelings;  

in the mouth and on the face,

of a once blank wall.


To be continued,

on another wall,

because, he does not know,

his last words, he cannot write;


the end.


                                          © James W. McRight Jr.  2001


  • baj-a

    wow! talk about the power of words! so much emotion in this poem that it leaves this readers mind as swirled as the writing on the wall.

    • BrokenWordsPoet

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have not been rating poems here; every time I read a poem it says don't rate and that is how I feel after coming from that other site. Rating just does not matter to me. Unless you are collecting points don't bother rating my work, your comments mean more. I am also not going to get political over here; I just want to show my poetic side; personal views on religion and politics kicked to the crub.

      My friend I thank you again... BWP... James...

    • diamonddagger

      Awesome poem!!!! I enjoy rating people if I can give them a 9 or a 10 but I hate hurting someones feelings with a low rating so. If I see a lot of spelling errors and i's and u's I just comment without rating.

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