To Be Me




Saw the most beautiful yellow rose

while strolling through my garden

bending down I smelt its fragrance

whispering a first breath of morning nectar.


My face close to the petals,

The rose spoke to me,

“I want to be red.”


That startled me for sure,

“What did you say?” I said.


“I want to be red.”


Thinking for a moment, what can I do?

For this yellow rose wants to be red,

so in my mind I changed it to red.


Never in my life did I see a red rose so beautiful, and

then never in my life did I see a yellow rose so beautiful.


So changing the rose back to yellow for a moment,

then back to red, then back to yellow, then back to red.

Over, over, over and over again, I switched the colors.


Then the rose said to me, “I change my mind, I just want to be me.”


                                                    © James W. McRight Jr. 2001







  • Author: BrokenWordsPoet (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 15th, 2013 08:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: Some times our children are pressured into becoming something they are not, because it is something we want them to be and they go along for a while. As parents we feel disappointed and our children become disappointed in us that we don't seem too possess that unconditional love we promised, when they are screaming at the tops of their voices, "I just want to be me."
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  • sokibgb

    Beautiful poem. Truthful and sincere. Everyone is born with the human right to choose their destinies and be themselves. Just like we did and our parents did. Our children and all the generations to come have the same right Let's teach them good values and give them our trust to make the right choices, for them, which is exactly what my parents did for me and God bless them for it. soki

    • BrokenWordsPoet

      Soki... This is one of my evolutions I told you about. If you were to see the original you would be surprised at how I changed it. On another site I was on people got wrapped up in ratings and I am not doing that here, I just want to focus on good poetry, not the levels of what is goods and how high good goes.

      Your friend... BWP... James...

    • diamonddagger

      Wonderful poem. I especially love the last line. It is the way of people. It's great to see a child grow up to be themselves instead of what their peers want from them. Have a happy day. Diamond

      • BrokenWordsPoet

        Linda as you can see this is one of my older writes. I am putting them through an evolution; of rewriting of what I posted on another site we are acquainted with or I use to be. I have poems I have written 10, 12 and more years ago and they are now falling under my knife; you know I am talking about my pen. Do you feel the same way about your works; that there is always room for change and rethought?

        Glad that you commented, have a wonderful day... BWP... James...

        • diamonddagger

          James, yes I do feel the same, that I could work and rework a poem till it is exactly what I mean for it to say. I totally understand reworking poems that are 10 or 12 years old. You have a wonderful and happy day, too, Diamond, Linda

        • baj-a

          your poem tells so much of human feelings and the confusion of being who we are and what we think others want us to be. that time of discovering we just want to be ourselves and to learn that everyone won't love us as we are but there are many who will and do and those are the ones we want in our lives. a truly inspiring poem.

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