Her Inner Beauty

Her cheeks may not be as rosy

As they once were years ago

And some wrinkles more visible

As her age begins to show

But she carries with her

An inner beauty that shines

And it will not be masked

Even through the passages of time


  • sokibgb

    Inner beauty, real beauty that won't fade with time and gives to all who posses it a very special glow. Beautiful, bigwolf, soki

    • bigwolf

      You are so correct soki. Give me inner beauty every time

    • diamonddagger

      awwww bigwolf, you are so deep. Give me inner beauty anytime also. This poem deserves a 10 for sure. Diamond

      • bigwolf

        I don't know how deep I am, but I do think inner beauty means so much

      • baj-a

        oh how sweet and so beautiful! we need more people like you who see past the wrinkles and gray hair to that inner beauty. great poem.

        • bigwolf

          Thank you baj-a

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