Winter Birds


There upon my lawn in winter

I saw a few remaining birds

As I gazed out of my window

They moved around in my view


Why they choose to stay around

Instead of heading southward

It's a mystery to me

So, I thought I would ask them


I opened my door to go outside

They looked up for a moment

And on wings so quickly

They were carried away on the wind


I never received my answer

So I sat back down again

And I continued to watch out my window

As the birds again landed on my lawn

  • Author: bigwolf (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 16th, 2013 09:04
  • Category: Nature
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  • diamonddagger

    yea they will always fly away if you go out to confront them. I think they stay because they have a thick coat of feathers or something. Like the robin. It isn't even going south anymore. They hang around our peninsula and hover in groups for warmth. your poem was well written.

    • bigwolf

      Thank you diamond, nature is one of my favorite subjects

    • baj-a

      Ah! another window watcher :-). I also love to sit at my window and watch the birds and often times squirrels as they cavort and play, and feed off the grubs or worms and whatever they dig up under the leaves and grass. nature is so mysterious. I find my window a calming place for me.

      • bigwolf

        Thank you baj-a, yes I am a window watcher.

      • sokibgb

        Love your poem. Living in Florida I get to see birds all year, butterflies too. It gives me great pleasure that I am not the only one who loves watching them from my window and fantasizing about where they have come from and where are they going, Good write, soki

      • bigwolf

        Thank you, sounds like there could be a poem about the trips that the birds take

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