Eye's glazed,

Life is hazed,

Wished to faze away,

Then you came my way,

Your name unkown,

Inside beauty known,

Words you have sown,

My mind you have blown,

In my soul you have flown,

Your poem im amazed,

The words you say,

Heart is a blaze,

My eye's star gaze,

With you i wish to drift away,

Garden of eden we will stay,

Outside beauty mystery,

Your heart so pure,

My heart you lurer,

Your words cure,

For you i'll endurer,

When life is impure,

Colin Bradley.


  • baj-a

    very sweet... I especially like the thought your words cure. very nice!

    • colin

      Thankyou Baj-a always for your kind words

    • sokibgb

      colin I hope your Lady likes your poems as much as I do. They are all full of love and sincerity, soki

      • colin

        Thankyou Soki for a beautifull comment though no lady in this man's life,the poem was written in responce to a couple of poems written to me

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