The Root of my convictions


Life begins many causes uncertain

But in faith start to draw the curtain,

And expose the root of my conviction,

Suspend the evidence on probation.

To relieve me of the threat in my head,

I am force to take up reasoning instead.

Rejected by friends by harsh tempest

I Pay the debt owe to society doing my best.

With better morality comes painful urge,

Wandering in blur visions looking to purge,

Deeds swept away from wise dry eyes,

Learning to control nightmares and tears,

Bound to live while there is still a little time 

With exchange heart and changes in mind,

Only memories bring the partial plague,  

Procreate events of danger and intrigue.

The secret lodge betwixt my old soul,

Light the rusty fuses that was dull.

And in my heart turn on the ignition,

Its direct powers root out my conviction.

Delayed success shall run rampant

In making priorities more important,

Embrace the dreams of last opportunity

Take pleasure now in things of beauty.

Than the misfortune first encountered

The things that charmed me most has halted

The flame runs unhindered through my head,

They will lay my soul asleep upon my dying bed.

  • Author: Gerry Legister (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 19th, 2013 14:01
  • Comment from author about the poem: This Poem is a about a person locked up in prison, awaiting the day of freedom, after they have paid back society with their time
  • Category: Short story
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  • baj-a

    I like how this poem starts off dark but leads us to a place of hope and insight. I especially like the line

    Deeds swept away from wise dry eyes,

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