Fingers glide up & down your spine,

Slowly down to the curves of  your thigh's

Our lips meet,

For our first passionate kiss,

That kiss we can't miss,

It makes me weak at the knee's

My lips move around your neck,

Lips move to kiss that spot behind your ear,

My lips caress your breasts,

Moving further down towards your thigh's,

Kissing every inch of your soft skin,

So you'll feel the love from my lips,

Down to your thigh's,

I remove the panties from your behind,

Kissing all around your behind,

Sliding my tongue between your thigh's,

Twirling my tongue inside,

Makeing you feel alive,

Removing my tongue from inside,

To move further down your thigh's,

So my lips touch behind your knee's,

Down to your toe's,

I want to kiss every beautiful toe,

Slowly slide to your thigh's &

Slide between your thigh's,

I'll stay inside you tonight &

Make love all night,

To keep you warm inside,

So we'll be one tonight,

Colin Bradley



  • baj-a

    sensual without being overly graphic. good job.

    • colin

      Thankyou Baj-a

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