The Silent Storm


The dark clouds pushed their way

Across the evening sky

Letting go it's justified force

While sending raindrops down


Some landing on forgotten structures

That lay dormant in the past

Forms long covered by time

As waters raced from an old tin roof


Falling into the soft soil below

Playing like an unrehearsed symphony

Seding up thankful sighs

As the earth feels nature's caress


Now, the night brings on a change

Watching as the moon yawned

Pausing for just a little while

Then slipped into the darkness



  • diamonddagger

    such a soft and beautiful poem. I really enjoyed reading it. Well penned.

  • bigwolf

    Thank you diamond, I look forward to reading your poems

  • sokibgb

    bigwolf, your love for nature is so intense that it makes the reader
    believe he's right there. Even now I can still smell the rain. Beautiful, soki

    • bigwolf

      Thank you so much, I am a nature lover.

    • baj-a

      you write some of the most beautiful nature poems I have ever read. your love for nature comes through in every line. I especially like the image of the moon yawning.

    • bigwolf

      Thank you baj-a, I enjoy writing a bout nature. I do somewhat consider myself a landscape artist. The artist has the canvas, I have the blank page. The artist has the paint, I have the words.

    • Soumita Sarkar

      Well ....... the nature is inspiring..........

      • bigwolf

        Thank you, I do love nature. In all of it's natural state, it will always be truthful.

        • Soumita Sarkar

          Yes......we all are its part...

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